Thursday, November 29, 2007

- 3.5 over Thanksgiving!!!

Well, I knew I had lost some, but I didn't know
how much until tonight. Over the Thanksgiving
holiday I lost 3.5 pounds. I was a little anxious
about the whole holiday thing for a couple of
reasons. First, it would put me out of my routine,
and for those of you who know me well, you know
I like routine. Second, I wasn't sure how I would
deal with the "food thing". That, however, turned
out much better than I could have ever imagined.
I was given a couple of out of this world recipes at
my weightloss class and I got one off the internet
when I googled HMR recipes (pumpkin pie) and
I made it just fine. In fact the rest of my family
like my recipes so well they ate them too - all
except the pie...they had there own and I didn't
feel a need to share. The third reason I was a
little anxious was that I would be away from
Curves for 4 whole days. COLD days! So, I took
my Walk Away the Pounds DVD's and walked
2-3 miles everyday inside where it was warm.
As it turned out everything went just fine.

For those of you who are faithful readers, you know
Brad and I are in the midst of a little contest to see
who can loose the next 30 pounds first. I am happy
to report... (can you hear the drum roll?) I am -13.8
toward the goal. Only 16.2 more pounds to go and
I earn a new CD of my choice. Anyone listening to
anything good? I haven't bought a new CD in a
while, so when I win this will be a treat. Brad keeps
saying he is going to come from behind and win (check
him out at
but I think he is just trying to shake me up a bit.
Although, he is running a marathon this weekend
while I am only doing the 5K. He may gain a little
momentum on me with the PA. I still think I
will win. Thanks for all your support. Keep the
comments and encouragement coming - I need
all I can get.


Polly said...

Yeah Debbie! Can't wait for Memphis! My walking buddy!

Greg Brooks said...

3.5 is great. You are definitley going to win (But don't tell Brad I said so!). Keep up the good work. We are going to freeze tomorrow!