Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Down 2 more

Last week I stayed the same, but this
week I lost another 2 pounds. I have
really been trying hard to burn a few
extra calories here and there, so maybe
it is beginning to pay off. I have taken
up jogging when the weather is nice, I am
still working out at Curves everyday, and
on mornings when it is cold or wet out I
Walk Away the Pounds with the DVD. I went
to the Doc. for a 3 month check up - blood
work up- to make sure all my levels are in
check with the diet and exercise, and I am
happy to report all is well.
I am on spring break this week, but with
the weather here the last couple of days, I
am having a hard time telling it is spring.
The days off have been wonderful, however.
I have had furniture delivered for the spare
bedroom, painted my room, seen a couple of
doctors, been shopping, and had my taxes done
and it is only Wednesday! I know a number of
people who say they don't retire because they
think they would get bored - I would like to
try it - so far I have been busier on spring
break than on a regular week. Oh well, about
20 more years and I can try retirement :)
Friday will mark the first official day of
Spring - I hope it is warm and sunny where
you are! Happy Easter!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Lost, So I WIN!!!

I lost 2.4 pounds this week, and that
puts me 0.1 over the 30 pounds that
Brad and I had wagered for back in ...
October. Wow, it takes a long time
to loose 30 pounds. I guess now I need
to take a trip to the music store to
pick out a new CD.
I sure hope this week marks the beginning
of my second year of downward success. I
do not want to spend any more time on the
plateau. Today I am 56.4 pounds away from
my goal weight.
The HMR program nurse asked me last week
if she could contact a photographer to
take a couple of pictures to use on their
website. I told her if the website was
going to help others realize and achieve
their own weightloss goals, sure. So, I
am supposed to hear from their photographer
any day now and the website should be up
by April. I will let you know if you want
to see the pics.
Thanks for all the wonderful words of
encouragement - here and in person. The
last few weeks have really been challenging
and frustrating, but you all have really
come through for me pointing out the success
I have had and helping me to see the things
that I can do today that one year ago I could
not imagine - Like hop on one foot longer than
Isaac, or actually workout twice in one day.
Keep reminding me - especially if the going
gets rough again. THANKS