Friday, April 25, 2008

Down another 2.1 - WOOHOO!!

Wow! Are you guys cheerleaders or what? Way to
go. I actually read my own blog more this week
because I wanted to see the comments you all were
leaving to encourage me. Mommymeepa - I love
team spirit - Thanks. I have a lot to tell you
all tonight, so I better get started.

First, I walked/ran my first ever 8K last weekend.
I was very proud of me. I finished in 1H 13M 16S.
The most exciting part for me was at mile 3 - which
is the distance of the 5K I did 2 weeks earlier - I
has shave 5 minutes off my time from 2 weeks ago. That
was the push I needed to get me through mile 4 (almost
all up hill)which I thought would kill me. I had a
friend take a picture at the end. When he e-mails it
to me I will post it.

Speaking of pictures - Thursday I "posed" for the St.
Bernard's HMR photo shoot. They asked me and a few
others who have had great success with the program to
pose and bring a before picture. They are going to
use them on their website. I will post that as well
when it is up. It was really a lot of fun. They hired
a professional photographer and everything. Can you
tell I was impressed :)

Next week may see a late, or no post because I will be
out of town. I am going to try really hard to get into
the weightloss center when I get back to weigh in, but
I don't know if I will make it. I had to "bank" my
meeting by attending an extra one last week and will be
calling in all my numbers, but the actual stepping on
the scale will obviously have to wait until I am back
in town. I promise not to leave you hanging too long.

Until then - Please keep cheering me on. It is so much
fun to see what you all are saying to me and on those
really hard days - to log on and see 8 comments...
Even if some comment more than once - it just helps me
to realize how much you are behind me and support what
I am trying so hard to accomplish. I can never thank
you enough for your support. Keep it coming.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yo - Down

I like it when the yo-yo is going down. Last week my yo-yo
stayed the same, but this week I am down 2.6 pounds. I am
logging in more than 3,000 calories of PA each week and
staying in my "box". Now, I don't remember if I have told
you that my "box" has changed a little. I am doing something
called maintenance boot camp. I have 3 shakes, 5 fruits/veggies,
and Lean Proteins everyday. Lean Proteins can be HMR entrees,
commercial entrees (i.e. Lean Cuisine), or actual lean protein
(i.e. turkey, chicken, fish). This sure has allowed for more
variety in the diet. It also requires more planning. You see
with more choices comes more responsibility for making good ones.

One good choice I am making this week is to participate in the
K8-8K on Saturday. I am going to try pushing in a little jogging
this week. I jogged a little yesterday and it really felt good.
The pace felt good, the breathing felt right, and I wasn't as
sore today. I have been doing at least two workouts per day -
either a workout video and curves or curves and walk/running.
Some days I have actually done all three. I have found that I
MUST keep the PA way up to loose well.

I haven't checked Brad's blog yet to see if I am behind on our
challenge, but I suspect I am - anyway I am not out and I would
only need to loose 27.4 more to win. So where are the Losing
Debbie Cheerleaders - Let's hear your best cheers!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Long time No Blog - Sorry

Boy, life can get busy. I have neglected the blogging
for a while - Sorry. Well, here is what has been going
on. The week I didn't blog I lost 1 pound. This week
I found it. I always enjoyed yo-yo's as a child, but
this yo-yo weight thing is about to drive me nuts. People
keep telling me, "But you have to look at how far you
have come..." and I know that is so true, but it is hard
to push on when the body just doesn't seem to be cooperating
as well as it used to. However, I will keep on!

Brad has issued me yet another challenge. He says "double
or nothing" - But what he is proposing is not exactly that.
He proposes - No CD for me at this time, but we start this
week and the next person to loose 30 more pounds gets a prize.
He says he will get me a Barnes and Noble gift card if I win
and I should get him an itunes gift card if he wins. Sounds
like a pretty good deal - Brad, you are on! It is now
official. I have accepted the "double or nothing" challenge.
I weighed in last night - and as a true woman will not tell
here what I weigh, but I will write the number down and give
it to a mutual friend. Brad should be going to his weigh in
tomorrow I think and he can record his number and we will start.
Cheerleading is encouraged on this blog!

I am going to run/walk a 5K this weekend and have registered for
2 more this month. To be more accurate, I will probably walk this
weekend and begin the run/walking in the next one. The weather
here has been so bad, I have not been consistent with the training
and don't want to hurt myself this weekend, so walking is probably
best. Plus I have a wonderful friend who is also walking this
weekend, so we will have a chance to do that together.

Well, please keep me in your prayers for safe, but quick weightloss
and effective exercising. Thank you all for the support you continue
to give me. It is GREAT!