Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vacation - Down 4.9 pounds

I knew vacation was going to be a wonderful
experience, but who knew it would also be
a good weight loss experience as well. I had
a wonderful time with all my friends who went
to Nashville and hung out around the 4th of July.
The fireworks in Nashville are truly AWESOME.
The food in Nashville is GREAT, and the opportunity
for exercise (walking) is abundant. I can't wait
until I can vacation again!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Holiday Week - No Class

Well, it is a holiday week and HMR is moving to a new building,
so we did not have class this week. I was up just a little last week,
but am working hard to be down by next Wednesday.
I am so excited that I will be at the Fireworks show in Nashville
this 4th of July. I have always watched it on CMT and wanted to
be there. Thanks to all my great friends, who seem to all have
family in the Nashville area, I will be there with my friends. FUN!!!
I will post again next week and let you know just how much fun
we had.