Thursday, December 6, 2007

Disappointing Week

You guessed it, I gained this week. But, I know
I lost some inches, because I can tell in my
clothes. I gained 1.5 this week, and don't know
why. Oh well, I have been here before and I
know if I just keep on keeping on it will come
For some more exciting news-- I finished my
first 5K last Saturday. My friends from house
church and I participated in the 5K - Marathon
for St. Jude in Memphis. Some of them ran it,
but for this first one I walked it with Polly and
Stephanie. We did really well I thought. We
finished in 51 minutes and 42 seconds. That
is one mile in just over 16 minutes. It was a lot
of fun and I would like to try to jog/run it next
I am going to work really hard to get back on
the downward trend this week and would
appreciate your prayers and encouragement.
Thanks for all your support. It maybe starting
to get a little harder, so please stick with me.

1 comment:

Shump said...

You lost a lot last week, so there was a little bounce back this week, I am sure next week will see that come right off. You are doing great.

But you can hold steady for a couple more weeks if you want, I may need it to make this close.