Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pete and Repeat...

Have you ever heard the story of
Pete and Repeat? Well, it goes like
this - Pete and Repeat were sitting
on a bridge. Pete fell off, who was
left? Repeat - Pete and Repeat were
sitting on a bridge. Pete fell off,
who was left? Repeat. And so on.
I never liked that little story and
now that it has shown up in my weight
loss efforts I like it even less. For
the second week in a row I gained 0.7
pounds. Now, I was okay with it last
week as a "rebound" from being so sick.
But, I'm now so okay with it this week.
I could tell all week by my scales that
this was not looking like a good week,
but I can't figure out why. I have
thought and thought and can't identify
anything that I have done differently.
So, I have decided to stop trying to
figure it out and count my blessings.

1. A Loving family
2. An Awesome group of friends-
if you are reading this, it
means you ;)

3. A God who loves me
4. A nice home
5. A good career - That I like
6. A Toyota - That I like
7. Nascar for a couple more weeks
8. Better health than I had 9 months ago!

Okay, now that I have regained some
perspective - Next week will be better.
And speaking of better health- let me
update you on the latest from the DR.
I have lowered my cholesterol so much
that he has removed me from all Lipitor.
I was taking a low dose, but the Dr.
doesn't feel that even a low dose is
necessary anymore.
I had to clean out my closet again last
weekend of all the stuff that was too
big. I bought a couple of new items
and have actually started wearing some
of the cloths that my friend had given
me that I thought I might not be into
before Christmas.
Please keep praying for my continued
weightloss. I am more than half way
to my goal, but I know the second half
will be more challenging than the first.


Greg Brooks said...

Debbie, you are awesome and despite your repeat I'm confident you're going to kick Brad's butt, and also be all healthy and stuff. Whichever of those you think is more important.

Polly said...

you are doing great debbie!