Thursday, October 25, 2007

Now wait a minute...

Remember last week I didn't loose well because
I had been sick. Well, I was sick again this week
and still managed to loose 7 pounds. Yes, 7 pounds.
My weightloss counselor says not to be surprised
if next week I gain a little of that back. She thinks
I have become a little dehydrated. I don't get the
human body, but oh well at least for one week I can
say I lost 7 pounds :)

So for those of you keeping up, I have now lost 10.5
on the way to 30 to beat Brad in our little wager.
Brad - I hear Toby Keith is coming out with a new
Christmas CD.... hmmmm. OR maybe something in
the Christian Music category....I don't know.

For those of you interested in the total to date, that
would be 90.5 I hope next week doesn't prove to
be a huge let down with a big gain. I could cope with
a small loss, but a gain:( Please pray that my body
will get well, and continue to loose weight. I am feeling
better right now - just a lingering cough. The meds
the doctor gave me for the cough, however, are evil.
That is the reason I was sick this week. Apparently
cough medicine with codeine make me sick to my
stomach - Yuck! So, I have switched to an over the
counter cough medicine that is working okay, just


Polly said...

7 pounds! are my hero!

Shump said...

I think we need a re-count! I lost 4 this week!!, but that just got me back to where I started this, so it is still debbie 10 plus and Brad 0. Don't worry, I am a second half kind of team

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Great job! You are doing so great, feeling sick is the worst, but watching the lbs drop...that is wonderful!


Carolyn Brooks said...

I'm so sorry you were sick again, but 7! This wager is becoming fun to watch.