Thursday, October 4, 2007

8 Months and 80 Pounds

It is official. I have been on the HMR program
for 32 weeks and I have lost 80 pounds.

Things I have learned about weight loss in the
last 8 Months:
1. Eating Healthy taste good too.
2. Exercise is not evil.
3. The meal I am eating right now is
not my last.
4. Caffeine is EVIL.
5. Plain water taste good.
6. People may look at you funny when
you bring your own food into a
restaurant, but when they find out
what you are doing, they are supportive.

Things I have learned about myself in the last
8 months:
1. I like broccoli if it is steamed.
2. I have the biggest support team in the
world, and I thank God daily for you.
3. I will problem solve weight the rest
of my life. Skinny people do it too.
4. I am worth it. Every bit of it.
5. I like exercising. (Most of the time)
6. I can!


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

That's awesome!!!! You should be so proud!!


Greg Brooks said...

I agree, that is awesome and you are awesome. I'm happy to be part of your support team.


Polly said...

I love you Debbie!!!!!

Shump said...

OK Debbie it is on, I weighed this morning and you can tell I had a lot of fun in Chicago, I start our competetion at 259, so I will be in the 220's for the first time ever when I beat you to 30 pounds!!