Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who knew...

Who knew that you could be soooo sick and not
loose weight? Well, I know now. Last Friday
I woke up to the room spinning out of control,
which in turn made me all kinds of sick. So,
I called the doctor and he prescribed meds, and
my angel for the day (Carolyn)went to pick them
up for me. In the meanwhile, I called the weight loss
center, because I had already figured out I was
not going to be able to eat HMR food that day.
I wasn't at all sure I was going to be eating any
food that day, but they advised I "get out of
the box" until I got better. I know - OUT OF
THE BOX - and worse yet they suggested sprite
zero and saltine crackers to nibble on to help
settle my stomach. Now, I don't know if I have
ever told you all, but from about week 3 of this
weight loss program I have craved saltine crackers.
So, long story short, I had about 15 - 20 saltine
crackers on Friday and was right back in the
box on Saturday. By Sunday morning my scale
showed I had gained 4.5 pounds - Now explain that
to me! Anyway I managed to get that off and 0.2
more. I am glad I didn't show up with a gain tonight
I would really be upset then. For those of you
keeping up with my little wager with Brad, I am
3.5 pounds closer to that goal. Only 26.5 more
and Brad gets to buy me the CD of my choice.
Next week will surely be better.

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