Thursday, October 11, 2007

-3.3 This week

Wow was I glad to see a good weight loss
this week. After a couple of slow weeks
I was beginning to wonder if I was doing
something wrong.
Another reason I was glad to see a good
loss is that I have entered into a friendly
little wager with my friend Brad, who help
me begin my weight loss journey. Our
challenge is to see which of us can loose
the next 30 pounds the quickest. We agreed
to this on Tuesday night, but Brad,
being the competitive soul that he is, has
agreed to allow me to count this weeks
loss toward my 30. So, with that being said,
I now only have 26.7 to go. You know you can
track my progress here - You can check out
Brad's progress (and read about his marathon
training) at
Words of encouragement and cheerleading -
welcome :)


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

wow....what a big loss so far into this! That is awesome. Great job! We are rooting for you!


Shump said...

I am feeling the heat over here, but I hope to be down a few pounds after this half-marathon this weekend and my new workout program with my personal trainer I have brought on board just to help me beat you!!!

All in love of course.

Mommymeepa said...

I read yours and Brad's blog. Hmmmm, who do I root for and what do you get if you win? I need to do a little wager here with someone. Hmmmm, who do I wager with?

I'll cheer for you Debbie. GO DEBBIE, but don't worry Brad you'll do great too. :-)