Monday, July 30, 2007

FINALLY!!! I have lost over 60 pounds

I lost 1.9 this week to bring my total to 61.4 pounds.
Looking at my short term goals, I need to loose 10.1
more by Labor Day. I would like to have lost 100-110
by New Years Eve - This is my new long term goal.
I am looking at the possibility of having to change
classes in a few weeks because of a schedule change with
the fall class I teach for Harding. The class I am
teaching this year is schedule to meet from 4:30 - 7:00
on Monday nights. I am going to see if the other
instructor and I might be able to switch times (if all
the students are the same for both classes) and then
I could stay in my class. Otherwise I will have to
switch to a Thursday afternoon weight loss class. I
will let you know what happens.


Greg Brooks said...


Debbie, congratulations. We love you!

Shump said...


You are amazing and are really and inspiration!

Toby said...

Conrats on the milestone. Keep that big goal looming out there and have those short checkpoints along the way. They help keep me motivated. Keep it up and New Years and less Debbie will be here before you know it.