Monday, July 2, 2007

-2 This week

Several HMR classes will be meeting this afternoon and tonight
because of the Holiday midweek. So, I decided to get my weigh
in and food purchasing done early and not get tangled in the
traffic this afternoon. I was happy to see that I have dropped
another 2 pounds this week - bringing my total to 53.9 so far.
As soon as my class is over tonight I will be leaving on vacation.
I will spend a couple of days with the folks helping in the
garden. Then Sean, Kerry and I will leave Thursday for Murfreesboro
to dig up big diamonds (I hope). I figure it like this - eight
year old boy, dirt, shovels, and a water park next door - it won't
be boring even if we don't find a diamond. I just keep hoping
HMR and vacation mix well. I was able to get a motel room with
a kitchenette so I can fix what I need to eat. And from the looks
of the town on the Internet, the restaurant selection may lack a
little to be desired. Sean has decided, just in case, he will
pack some mac and cheese and ramon noodles. The kid could live
for months on those two staples. I will be anxious to get back
to see how the weighloss has gone and I will let you all know
then. Have a GREAT 4th of July!!!

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Shump said...

I am excited to hear about how the trip went. I am sure you did well.