Monday, August 6, 2007

-2.1 This Week

I am down another 2.1 pounds this week. That makes
a total of 63.5 pounds. In order to meet my goal
by Labor Day I need to loose 8 more pounds.
I change up some of my physical activity this week.
I didn't feel like I was really getting my heart
rate up on my neighborhood walks, so I started
doing a walking DVD at home. I am using "Walk
away the Pounds". I now do a two mile walk, with
a little bit of resistance work on the arms, in
30 minutes. That increased my intensity from a
3 mile per hour walk to a 4 mile per hour walk.
I can tell for sure now that my heart rate is
getting high enough to be considered aerobic. This
has been a good week to make the change considering
the temperature outside has been so hot. Well, the
microwave dinged a couple of minutes ago, signalling
my dinner is done, so I will say good bye for now.
See you next week.

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