Monday, July 16, 2007

Back to PURE Water

Last week I changed something in my routine.
I drank decaf. tea instead of water. I had
asked and they said, "as long as it is decaf.
it can replace water." Well, it didn't work!
Not only did I not loose, I gained .9 (nine
tenths)of a pound. I am switching back to
pure water. The tea is the only thing that
changed, so I have to think it had something
to do with my results. I guess we will see
next week if water is better than tea.
Until then...


Shump said...

Hang in there, I know it is dissapoining not to see the scale go down, but that just means it should go further down next week.

MTH said...

Did your blood sugars vary? I hate stuff like that - you think you are doing the right thing and your body rebels. I have been inspired by your effort. "Be brave" (my wife's advice to our girls when they were little and life was frustrating them at some level. Thank you for sharing your journey. TED