Monday, July 9, 2007

-3.7 This Week

Vacation wasn't so bad. We had a good time
digging for diamonds even though we didn't
find anything, and I had a great weight loss.
I was able to take everything I needed with
me (or stop and get it on the way)and stay
"in the box" the whole time. We were able
to cook in the room and enjoyed our meals
together, then go out and "play" for
exercise. Sean and I took a walk each night
after supper and one night we all went swimming
for about an hour. I have decided as long as
I can heat my entree, everything else is not
so hard. I have found the "steamers" veggies
at Wal-Mart that cook in the microwave and
right now there are sooooo many fresh fruits
to choose from.
My weight loss total to date is 57.4 pounds in
19 weeks. Until next week...


Shump said...


I am so excited for you, way to conquer vacation.

Teach2755 said...

Hi! What a great week! I'm sorry I haven't called or posted in a while; I've been very under the weather for over two weeks, dealing with same problem that landed me in the hospital in '04! Strong antibiotics seem to have done their job and I leave next Wednesday for D.C. Glad you had a great vacation!