Thursday, September 20, 2007

Down another 4.3 pounds

Wow, I am glad last week was only a minor set back. I
didn't have any soda this week, and look at the difference.

I had a break through moment this week that I want
to share with you. Usually or before (the later I hope)
when I am stressed I physically feel hungry and want
to eat. Well, on Tuesday I had a STRESS filled day, but
I never felt hungry. The thought that kept coming into
mind was "just make it until 4:30 and you can go workout."
Now that is a super change for me. I don't know, but
maybe I am starting to "get" this exercise thing. I am
still going to Curves 6 times a week and love it. I never
in my life thought those words would ever be coming
out of my mouth.

I was also blessed this week when a friend, who
has also been losing weight, offered me some of her
gently worn clothes that were now too big for her. This
trying to stay clothed while loosing weight so quickly is
a challenge. I will need to loose a little bit more before
I can comfortably wear my "new" clothes, but when
I can my budget will get a much needed break :)

Well, that is all for this week. Thanks for putting up
with my chatter each week.


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Wow!! What a difference waters makes! I am going to go and grab me a bottle right now!!!

Great job, you should be so proud of how hard you have worked and are going to continue working! We are all proud of you!


Polly said...

4.3 pounds!!!!! That is awesome!!! Have a wonderful weekend! See you Sunday!