Thursday, September 6, 2007

-4 Pounds This Week

I can't believe it myself. I am waiting for "the
other shoe to drop". I can't believe I have had
so many good weeks in a row. I certainly hope
it continues for several reasons.

1. it feels good.
2. I will get to my goal quicker.
3. I set a short term goal tonight that may stretch
me if I slow down at all.

Tonight in class we were asked to write down a
goal weight that we will work toward achieving
by Nov. 20th. The weight I wrote down is
21.6 pounds down from where I am tonight.
If I can reach this goal it will put me right on
track to my New Year's eve goal. Some of you have
heard me say I want to have lost 100 - 110 pounds
by New Year's eve.
I am at -74.8 pounds today and if I can accomplish
the short goal I will be at -95 by Thanksgiving. I
would have to work hard, but I could then be
between 100 and 110 pounds down by New
Year's eve.
I also must admit I think I maybe becoming a
Curves addict. I had to miss my Curves workout
for 4 days in a row over the holiday weekend, and
the first two day back to work this week were
horrible. I worked out Wed. afternoon and today
was a really good day. I just came in from working
out tonight, so I am looking forward to a super
On Saturday morning when I go to work out I get
to do the 1 month weigh and measure thing. I can't
wait. I stepped on the scale at curves tonight and
I know I have lost at least 10 pounds by their scale
in a month. I am anxious to find out how many inches
too. I will try to remember to post Saturday or Sunday
to let you all know.
I also earned my first Curves t-shirt last week and
received it tonight. I brought a friend from work
and after a couple of trial sessions she decided to
join. That earned me a T-shirt :)
Thanks to all of you who continue to check up on
me, encourage me, and help me along the way.
It means more than words can express.


Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Wow Deb! 4 lbs is awesome! You should be proud!


Duane said...

Way to go on the weight loss!!!