Thursday, August 23, 2007

Down 3 Pounds!!!

I have now lost 67.9 pounds. I will have
been on the program for 6 months next
Monday (27th) and I can honestly say
it has been one of the best 6 months of
my life. I have seen so many positive
changes - weight loss (of course),
reduction of medications, more energy,
more flexibility, some new clothes, and
the list could go on and on. But most
importantly, much better health and
self image. To all of you who support
me every week - on or off the blog -
THANK YOU! I wouldn't have made
it this far without you.
On a physical activity note - I am loving
Curves. I have been going 5-6 times per
week and I can't wait until Sept. 8th
when they will measure me again. I know
I have lost some more inches and I can't
wait to find out how much. I will let you
know. OH - the dinner bell (microwave)
is ringing, so will say good-bye for now.


Polly said...

Yeah Debbie! Hope you are liking the new schedule. Have a great Friday!

Greg Brooks said...

You rock, Debbie! I can't wait for the inches count.