Monday, April 2, 2007

-4.4 This Week!!!

This was a much better week for weighloss! I don't
really know what I did that much different, but I
sure have a better result this week. I did walk a
couple of times this week in addition to riding the
bike, so that helped I'm sure.
Last night I went to a BBQ for my lifegroup from
church and took my own HMR food. I enjoyed
BBQ Chicken with Rice and Beans while everyone
else ate hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans,
potato salad, chips and dip, etc. The grilling
smelled really good, but when the meal was over
I was just as satisfied with my meal as I ever
remember being when I ate what everyone else
was eating. In fact, I think I felt better because
it was my tendency to over eat and feel stuffed
at events like this before.
Today I had a meeting with some co-workers
that lasted until about 11:30 and they all wanted
to go out for lunch, so I warmed my Turkey Chili
at the office and took it with us to the resturant.
When I had finished my lunch I felt full and I
didn't really miss anything they were having.
Tomorrow, for my strong start day, I have to
get in some exercise at work. I plan to take my
tennis shoes and walk around the circle a few times
at lunch.
Thanks for all your continued prayers and words
of encouragement. I always rush home after
the graduate class I teach on Monday nights to
see if anyone has commented yet, and you all
have never disappointed me. THANKS!!!


Chris Harrell said...


4.4 is a lot! I am so glad that you came last night even though you knew that we were cooking out. I am sure that it is hard being around people eating all of the time, but you handle it so well. Keep up the good work and call me anytime to go walking. I don't want to go work out in the morning, but I am because of you! Love you! Polly

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...! Deb, you are going to fade away on us. Great job! Keep up the good work, we are all so proud of you!


Toby said...

4.4 is great. I had a lower week this week and felt disappointed at first, and then I remembered a loss is still a loss. keep up the good work and the determination. I think we are already through the hardest part of adjusting our lifestyles. Keep on moving toward your goal. I will see less of you next week.

Shump said...

And you did so good at house church last night too!! You are a machine, you are going to beat food. You are going to make sure that health wins!