Monday, April 23, 2007

-3.2 This Week

Last week I told you all I was going to make an effort to break the
"saw tooth" weight loss pattern I was in - Well I did it. Typically I
would have only lost between one and two pounds this week, but
with the extra effort I was able to loose 3.2. All the "experts" had
been saying every other week my body thought it was starving and
I wasn't loosing as much, so this week I practiced the"more is better"
rule everyday. I had one extra shake or entree each day and my
body responded. My total weight loss now is 31.9 pounds in 8 weeks.

The best thing that happened this week was I put on a shirt I bought
two weeks ago and didn't wear right away because I thought it was
just a little tighter than I liked - now it is almost too big. I wore it
anyway because it is so comfortable. I couldn't believe how much
difference there was in only two weeks.

I have 5 more weeks to go in the "core" program, so we have started
talking about what I should do next. I thought I would probably be
told I should keep doing exactly what I have been for thirteen more
weeks. However, the nurse showed me a chart tonight and explained
I could add fruits and veggies, eat my minimum meal replacements, and
still average about the same number of calories as I would practicing
more is better. I'm still not totally convinced, so this week I have
decided to chart everything I eat and count the calories, then compare
to the calories in a 3+2+5 day. That is three shakes, 2 entrees, and 5 fruits
or veggies. Right now that sounds like so much food I can't imagine.
Anyway I have a few weeks to think about it, so if you would put that on
your prayer list (that I make a good decision) I would appreciate it.
See you next week :)


Polly said...

Yeah Debbie! You have conquered 30 pounds! I can't believe that you only have 5 weeks until you can eat green beans! Yeah green beans! You are doing great! Love you! Polly

Shump said...

Great Going!! I am so happy for you. I know how much fun it is to put on new clothes. This is an awsome liife changing journey you are on. I will pray for you continued success and for your decesion you have coming up after core is over.

"Stay in the Box"

Teach2755 said...

Yay, Debbie! I'm very proud of you. It was fun visiting with you at NIC last week; I hope your work was finished on time! Call if you want to walk one day. Last week I walked 25 minutes, 6 days; this week it's 30 minutes, 6 days. 2 days down..