Saturday, August 9, 2008

Down .5 this week

It is a small one, but it is a loss. I am hoping for
another next week. If I am successful I will
declare my time on the plateau over. I have
not lost 3 weeks in a row since March. I am
hoping to get into "new numbers" in a week
or two. I will let you know.
I am still enjoying whole grains. Last Sunday
I made Whole Wheat pasta - yum yum!! Other
than that I am still sticking to my Melba Toast
and Whole Wheat English Muffins.
I have been running this week and am sooooo
thankful for the rains on Thursday that has
given us some much needed relief from the
thick humidity - even at 5:30 in the morning.
I got out Friday morning and was shocked at
how easy it was to get into the run. The air
was so clean and crisp - Ahhhhh. I plan to
run everyday for as long as this weather holds.
Curves can wait until the Arkansas humidity
returns. See ya next week.

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