Thursday, June 5, 2008


I have finally worked up to actually "doing" the
Hal Higdon 30/30 plan.I have built enough stamina
to run for 1 minute, then walk for 1 minute, then
run for 1 minute and so on for a sustained 25 minutes.
The way I do it is I walk the first 7-10 minutes just
getting my joints warmed up. Then, I start the minute
intervals of running and walking. I do that for 25
minutes. The last 3-5 minutes I walk to cool down.
I accomplished these times for the first time yesterday
and was able to repeat the process today. Now, I will
work to be able to 1. increase the distance I am able
to go during those times and 2. run longer than I walk.
All of this is great for the calorie burn, but...

It seems (or so the diet counselor thinks)that the
increase of intensity in my workouts has triggered
something in my body that is causing it to think it
is not getting enough nutrition. Therefore, it is
holding on to more than it should. This week I was
actually up a little. The counselor has asked me to
add into my daily plan one extra shake. We are hoping
that extra protein in the shake will help my body
release some of what it feels like it needs to store.
We also know we have run into some problems with
insulin resistance. It seems when you are insulin
dependent there comes a point when your need for insulin
actually works against being able to loose weight. I
don't exactly get it, but I think I am at that place.
I am going to keep working on it (stay in the box)
and in the meantime focus more on running and training
to run a 5K and a little less on the number on the scale.


Alysha said...

You're doing a great job! Good luck incorporating and finding a balance with the new element of your plan.

Polly said...

Hang in there Debbie! I guess I better start running. You are going to leave me in the dust!