Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Down 2.6 this week

Finally, a good weight loss. I hope this is the beginning
of several weeks to come of good weight losses. I did
a little diet experimenting and the change of routine
seemed to do my body good.
What did not do my body good was trying to be helpful
last Saturday evening at Grandma's. Her yard was
a bit shaggy, so I volunteered to mow (push mow) for
her. Well, after fighting to get the mower started, I
made almost one "lap" around the yard and pulled
the muscle in my calf. Anyway to make a long story
short, my parents had to finish the lawn while I sat
with my leg iced and up. Now, you would think with the
exercise I have been doing something like this wouldn't
happen so easily, but it did. So, I am now back on the
stationary bike and trying to work on my core by doing
some set-ups everyday. I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS
would have thought this next statement would have ever
come across my lips, but I MISS RUNNING. I know what
I was doing might not be considered really running, but
I miss it just the same. I am not sure how long it will take
for this thing to heal or for me to get back to the place I was
with my workout routine. Please pray that the healing goes
quickly and I can get back to training for the 5K.


Greg Brooks said...

Hey, you're a runner! It doesn't matter how fast you go; if you get out there and go the distance, that makes you a runner I think. Congratulations on a good loss.

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Yeah, good for you!! Deb, yeah what a wonderful loss!