Monday, May 14, 2007

-4.9 This Week

Wow, even I am amazed with this weeks loss. I thought I had done okay,
but I never dreamed I would loose 4.9 pounds. This officially brings me
over the 40 pound marker and I have one more week in "core". I am
going to bump up the physical activity this week by riding the bike in the
morning and walking in the afternoons to try for another good weight
loss to end my core program. After next Monday night I will be transitioning
to healthy solutions and adding fruits and veggies to the shakes and entrees.
I am sooooooo excited. I have been "planning" menus in my head that
include vegetables and/or fruit at every meal. Anyway, I will let you know
how that goes later. I am off now to walk with a friend and burn more calories.


Polly said...

Go Debbie!!!!!! I can't wait to have you over for a vegetable plate dinner. We have them all of the time! Jake's favorite!

Teach2755 said...

Debbie - UNBELIEVABLE! I'm amazed and SO proud of you! I'm really sorry about tonight. I did manage to get in 25 minutes of walking while my dish was in the oven. Didn't think I would. The oven timer was beeping when I walked back in the door. Hope we can get back together tomorrow - you just call when you're ready and I'll meet you. (doin' the happy dance for Debbie)

Shump said...


I appreciate your encouragment, and when we both get to our goals I think we should add up the weight and go get a wagon (or a truck) and put our combined total weight lost of sand or something in it and just take a picture of us beside the amount of weight we have lost!

Toby said...

Great loss this week. I am sure you are looking forward to some new foods. Keep up the good work when you hit your transition period. I know you can do it.