Monday, May 7, 2007

-3.4 This Week

This brings my total weightloss in 10 weeks to 36.4 pounds.
Tonight our leader told us that our class has hit the "gold"
standard for physical activity (PA) calories burned in a week
for two weeks straight. She said that is a first for a Jonesboro
HMR class. Last week I burned 3700 calories - my largest
burn in a week so far.
For anyone wondering about the decision I have been trying to
make, I have decided to transition to Healthy Solutions when
my core class is over. I should be adding fruits and veggies
in about 3 weeks. Thank you to all who have prayed about
this decision for me and encouraged me as I struggled to make
the decision. I believe it is the right decision for the summer
anyway because it will allow me to add so much variety to
my program. If at any time Healthy Solutions is not going
as well as I want, I can switch back to Decision Free.
I still have a long way to go, but I am off to a really good start.
Please hang in with me and keep the encouragement coming.
I need all I can get. Thanks!!


Shump said...

That is a great week Deb! I know you must be feeling better and know you are doing the best thing you can do for your quaity of life for the rest of your life.

I think you will do wonderful on Healthy Solutions, I never realized how few veggies I ate till I got into this program. Keep up the great work.

Teach2755 said...

See?? One 'plateau' week and then back to losing like you were! Way to go! I didn't meet my walking goal last week (210 minutes); I was off by 35 minutes. BUT, I worked in the yard for nearly 4 hours Friday night and cleaned house for nearly 2 hours Saturday so I'm thinking that should balance out that 35 minute deficit! However, stubborn me, I'm trying to make it up this week. So, in addition to the 40 minutes, 6 days (240 minute goal), I'm trying to do 35 more minutes. Yesterday, I did 5 more.. today, 10 more. Walking both morning and night but REALLY enjoying it. Keep up the FANTASTIC work! And sorry to babble about my walking woes! Talk to you soon.