Friday, February 29, 2008

1 Year - 108 Pounds

Yes, it is hard to believe, but I have been doing
the HMR program for one year now. That also means
I have been writing to you all for a year now and
you are still reading - AMAZING!
Over the last year I have seen so many changes in
myself. My body, of course, being the biggest change.
But, also my determination and diligence. I am not
sure I have ever stuck with anything for a year before.
At least not anything good for me. I have about 60
more pounds I would like to loose before I stop with
the weightloss part of the program. But,my biggest
fear has become a reality I think. The weightloss has
slowed down to almost nothing over the last few weeks.
I have started exercising twice a day now to see if
a little extra calorie burn might jolt me back in to
loosing. I am also eating about 4 oz. of lean protein
per day and I am drinking more water. Maybe I will
get off this plateau soon.
Thank you for your support over the past year and please
don't stop now. I need you now more than ever because
this can get discouraging when the body doesn't cooperate.


Shump said...

WOW What a year. You are doing so GREAT!

I know you have got to be so excited, I am so proud of you.

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Wow, Deb, that is fabulous! You should be so proud, we are! Great job!


Brooks said...

Debbie, you are awesome!!! I am so proud of you!!!!