Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Catch up time

Wow - I really didn't realize how long it
had been since I blogged. Sorry - I have
been out of town for work every week for
the last 3 weeks. Enough of that...

Anyway, tonight I lost 3.1. pounds. I am
very happy about that, because during the
time I was out of town I had gained some.
I don't quite have it all back off, but am
very close. The bonus is I learned some
valuable lessons through travel such as,
1. Even healthy selections at a restaurant
have a lot more salt than I am used to.
2. Salt leads to water retention - boo.
3. Not all menu descriptions are created
equal. What sounds healthy may not be.
4. Some restaurants are VERY diet friendly
(i.e. Outback and Chili's) and will even
let you substitute grilled veggies for the
rice or potatoes if you ask :)
5. Yes, they can grill the shrimp and
scallops without the oil - if you ask.
6. Some observant waitresses will notice
when you are making healthy choices and
actually ask if you would like the bread and
butter before just slapping it on the table
in front of you.
7. They will sometimes even offer you choices
(like grilled asparagus - yum) that are not on the
regular menu if they realize you are trying
to make healthy choices.

Enough lessons learned. I read Brad's blog and
see that he has had similar experiences with travel
and weight control. I don't remember where he is on
our little wager to loose 30 pounds, but I have lost
2.3 in that effort. So, if you are actually reading
this and haven't given up on me ever blogging again -
Please keep the cheers coming. I am at the point of
needing the encouragement to get back on the right
downward trend. I will blog next week - until then
Happy Memorial Day.


Polly said...

I see an Outback dinner in our future! You are doing great Debbie! Can we start planning our cruise yet?

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Yeah!! Good job, thanks for updating us!

Greg Brooks said...

Keep at it, Debbie! I think Polly has a good idea and we should take over Outback one evening after you've beaten Brad.

Mommymeepa said...

You were out of town and gained some weight,
but now your back and losing again that's great

Eating out can be such a chore
But you found alternatives galore

Being assertive when you eat out is key
Most servers will want to help you indeed

Hip, Hip, Hooray is what I say
You are doing great in everyway.

Gooooooooo Debbie!!!