Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yo - Down

I like it when the yo-yo is going down. Last week my yo-yo
stayed the same, but this week I am down 2.6 pounds. I am
logging in more than 3,000 calories of PA each week and
staying in my "box". Now, I don't remember if I have told
you that my "box" has changed a little. I am doing something
called maintenance boot camp. I have 3 shakes, 5 fruits/veggies,
and Lean Proteins everyday. Lean Proteins can be HMR entrees,
commercial entrees (i.e. Lean Cuisine), or actual lean protein
(i.e. turkey, chicken, fish). This sure has allowed for more
variety in the diet. It also requires more planning. You see
with more choices comes more responsibility for making good ones.

One good choice I am making this week is to participate in the
K8-8K on Saturday. I am going to try pushing in a little jogging
this week. I jogged a little yesterday and it really felt good.
The pace felt good, the breathing felt right, and I wasn't as
sore today. I have been doing at least two workouts per day -
either a workout video and curves or curves and walk/running.
Some days I have actually done all three. I have found that I
MUST keep the PA way up to loose well.

I haven't checked Brad's blog yet to see if I am behind on our
challenge, but I suspect I am - anyway I am not out and I would
only need to loose 27.4 more to win. So where are the Losing
Debbie Cheerleaders - Let's hear your best cheers!!!


Polly said...

You know I am your BIGGEST cheerleader! I do know a few cheers! I may bust them out on you next time I see you. Don't worry, though, no toe-touches. I can't touch my toes.

Shump said...

Yes you are right, but I am glad you lost!

Greg Brooks said...

I promised you a comment, so here it is. Keep up the good work and the good choices!

Carolyn Brooks said...

You know you are the biggest loser to me! Never thought I would be writing that. :) I saw you at school from the back and did not recognize you. What you have done and are doing is amazing! Keep it up.

Carolyn Brooks said...

I know you are the biggest loser! I never thought I would be saying that. :) I saw you at school from the back and didn't recognize you. And I see you all the time! What you have done and are doing is amazing! Keep it up.

Carolyn Brooks said...

Sorry for the multiple comments, but I REALLY BELIEVE IT! Ha.

Brooks said...


For those of us who are unable to see how great you look, I wish you would post a picture! I am so proud of you! I doubt I will recognize you next time I see you!!Keep up the great work!!


Mommymeepa said...

2, 4, 6, 8, you are doing really great.
GOOOoooooooo Debbie!!

3,5,7,9, you are looking might FINE!!!
GOOOOoooo Debbie!!

You will beat Brad in no time at all.
Just look at your waist it is so small!!