Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Down 2 more

Last week I stayed the same, but this
week I lost another 2 pounds. I have
really been trying hard to burn a few
extra calories here and there, so maybe
it is beginning to pay off. I have taken
up jogging when the weather is nice, I am
still working out at Curves everyday, and
on mornings when it is cold or wet out I
Walk Away the Pounds with the DVD. I went
to the Doc. for a 3 month check up - blood
work up- to make sure all my levels are in
check with the diet and exercise, and I am
happy to report all is well.
I am on spring break this week, but with
the weather here the last couple of days, I
am having a hard time telling it is spring.
The days off have been wonderful, however.
I have had furniture delivered for the spare
bedroom, painted my room, seen a couple of
doctors, been shopping, and had my taxes done
and it is only Wednesday! I know a number of
people who say they don't retire because they
think they would get bored - I would like to
try it - so far I have been busier on spring
break than on a regular week. Oh well, about
20 more years and I can try retirement :)
Friday will mark the first official day of
Spring - I hope it is warm and sunny where
you are! Happy Easter!!!


Mommymeepa said...

I'm not sure where you are located, but it is still cold here in Chicago even though Spring starts tomorrow. UGH!!

Great job on losing 2 more pounds. You are amazing!!

What CD did you get?

Shump said...

OK mommymeepa is asking, so what CD do you want? Or do you want to double or nothing another 30 pounds from this Friday's weigh in. If you lose 30 pounds first I will get you a $30.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble, if I lose the 30 First you get me a $10 Itunes gift card??